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Injalak Arts | Arnhem Land

Injalak is a non-profit, community enterprise. The Art Centre here in Gunbalanya was officially opened in late November 1989. Prior to 1989 its origins were in a small shed used for screen printing. The building that now houses the various functions of the Art Centre is long and flanked on either side by covered verandahs. The artists work on either side of the verandah, sitting on the ground and grinding their ochres.

Indigenous community art centres play an important role in the artistic and cultural life of traditional Aboriginal artists living in remote communities. In the 1989 independent review into the operation of Aboriginal Community Arts and Crafts Centres by John Altmann it was determined that one of the most effective ways to subsidise Aboriginal communities was to fund Arts and Craft centres, thus enabling Aboriginal people to generate independent income which remains in the community.


Injalak Arts

Injalak Arts has over 200 members made up of artists and weavers from Gunbalanya and surrounding outstations. All artists are paid up front for their work. Although the Arts Centre is located in Gunbalanya, it also attempts to service those artists who choose to live at their outstations who have few other options for economic activity.

Board Association

Injalak is managed by an incorporated Association whose members are the artists and community. The Association has a number of objectives, with the major emphasis being cultural maintenance and economic self-determination. In its constitution the Association aims to “support and enrich the culture of the people in this area” and provide economic benefits for the residents of Gunbalanya and its outstations while being non-profit making.

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