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Laarri Gallery | Kimberley

Laarri Gallery, Kimberly

Laarri Gallery is situated in Yiyili Aboriginal Community between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing just 5km off the Great Northern Highway between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing. The gallery was established in 1999 in a collaboration between Yiyili Community School and Yiyili Community Aboriginal Corporation.

 Laarri Gallery, Kimberley The goal of Laarri Gallery is to provide a place for local artists to work and a space to show. At Yiyili the money raised from artwork sales goes directly back into the community, not only supporting the artists, but the community at large.

There are currently 210 paintings on display at Laarri Gallery, 50 of which are available on the website.

Each painting is an original and exclusive to Laarri Gallery. It tells a story and is supplied with a certificate of authenticity signed by the gallery curator and an Artist profile.

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