Art Centre

Manyallaluk Art and Craft Centre | Katherine

Manyallaluk Art and Craft CentreThe Manyallaluk Art and Craft Centre is a community-owned organisation that features the work of local Aboriginal artists.

Artists paint on canvas and stringy bark, using handmade ochre pigment or acrylic paint in traditional colours. Painted didgeridoos, small sculptural pieces, firesticks and clap sticks are also available. Paintings abound with images of animal life, bush tucker and stories of cultural significance.

Colourful baskets, mats and dilly bags are crafted by the women using natural fibres and dyes found in the area. They also produce jewellery from seeds and gum nuts.

Manyallaluk is located 100km drive from Katherine. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes by car. The last 35km of road are unsealed and may only be accessed by 4WD in the wet season.

Our operating months are April through November with optimal weather conditions being from May to early September. We welcome any visitors who would like to visit the Art and Craft Centre or stay in our camping ground and caravan park which are open year round.