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Mardbalk Arts and Crafts | Arnhem Land

Mardbalk ArtsMardbalk Arts and Crafts is situated at Warruwi Community on South Goulburn Island, in the Arafura Sea just off the coast of Coburg Peninsula. The community is made up of 3 main clans, the Maung, Walang and Gunwingku clans. There is also a strong presence of the Galpu Clan from Elcho Island that make Warruwi their home. This mix of clans, all saltwater people, produce fine work distinctive to the West Arnhem region. All visitors require permits, which can be obtained through the Northern Land Council (NLC) Jabiru office.

Established in early 2009, Mardbalk Arts and Craft is known for its fibre works including pandanas baskets, mats, bottles, wall hangings and sculptures; as well as handcrafted textiles, limited edition prints, timber carvings and jewellery. The centre works with 6 core artists and more than 50 casual artists, and is currently run by the West Arnhem Shire Council in conjunction with a local board consisting of traditional owners, elders, artists and various clan members.

Mardbalk Aboriginal Arts and Crafts, Arnhem Land

The centre works closely with the Maintenance of Indigenous Languages and Records office run by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Mardbalk is part of the Mawng Language Project, which works towards building usage and appreciation of the Mawny language via film and documentaries. It also has its own local radio station funded by the Indigenous Broadcasting program.