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Merrepen Arts, Culture and Language | Darwin/Katherine

Merrepen Aboriginal Arts, Darwin/Katherine

Merrepen Arts, located at Nauiyu Community Daly River (NT), is a well established arts centre with around 20 artists working in a variety of traditional and contemporary mediums painting regularly in a custom designed art centre. A number of the most established artists from the region are now recognised on a national level. The number of working artists rises to approximatley 80 during the annual Merrepen Arts and Sports Festival.

The Merrepen Arts Centre opened in 1986 and the artists are famous for their etchings and printmaking but also produce a number of artifacts in addition to paintings, using a multitude of materials and techniques in their creative expression. Using zinc plates, or lino plates, coloured ink and a press machine they produce etchings and prints, batik techniques using wax and silk painting to make t-shirts, scarves and sarongs, paper-mâché techniques to make bowls and animal figures, screen printing for tea-towels and other kind of fabric and weaving of Merrepen and Pandanus leaves to make dilly bags, fishnets, baskets and sun mats.

The painting is done using acrylic colours on canvas materials stretched on a wooden frame. The frames are put together at the centre. The artists have always been open to new ideas on how to express their stories. They quickly become accustomed to each new medium introduced by early art coordinators or workshops, constantly improving in their art producing skills.

The beautiful paintings produced by the ladies (and small number of men) of Merrepen Arts are stylistically very different to what is generally expected of Aboriginal art.

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