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Ngukurr Arts Centre | Arnhem Land

Ngukurr ArtsNgukurr community lies at the very South Eastern edge of Arnhem land. The town is perched on a rise above a bend in the mighty Roper River, with heavily wooded country stretching away to the distance. Ngukurr was created initially as a mission, which provided sanctuary for the many different tribes in the area. This Roper Country, with its wild escarpments and dense woodlands, billabongs full of lilies, magpie geese, crocodiles and ruined-city rock formations is as diverse as the people and art from the area.

The people of the Roper region believe that during the creation period the features of the country were made by the actions of ancestral heroes, who imprinted their bodies, their tools and their actions onto the ground. All life, the land and the law, which consists of moral, social and economic codes of conduct, are believed to come from the actions of the ancestral beings embodied in these places.

Ngukurr Art Centre is a place for local artists to create and display their work for sale. The enterprise is 100 % owned and governed by Ngukurr Art Aboriginal Corporation a not for profit organisation.  60% of all sales goes directly to the artist. The Board of Directors are indigenous locals representing seven different clans.

The rich diversity of local Aboriginal cultures spanning such a vast area is reflected in one of the most diverse range of styles of Aboriginal arts in any art centre.

The art style of Ngukurr is as distinctive and varied as the artists. An element common to many of the artists is their use of vibrant, bold colour that exudes vibrancy.

Ngukurr ArtsNgukurr Arts Centre not only provides a place for artists to come to paint , but  it is a community resource,  connecting with the community by holding workshops and school excursions where the school children learn about painting the culture way. Which helps to maintain and develop traditional cultural knowledge. It provides one of the few ways for local people to create an extra income for themselves. Regular art workshops and training sessions are held to promote learning and development.

The art centre is combined studio and gallery space, so you are welcome to come and see the artists working and talk to them about their work.

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