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Numburindi Arts

Numburindi Arts is a project first started by the by the Numbulwar School Secondary Girls in 2010. This is our first Arts Centre in Numbulwar and the first chance people have to buy our unique arts and crafts directly from the artists. We have now continued the business in our Ngarggu Senior Class for the past two years with both young women and men working on the project and will do so again this year in 2014.

Numburindi ArtsNumbulwar is located in south-east Arnhem Land on the Gulf of Carpinteria in the Northern Territory. It is an Aboriginal community and it by the sea on the mouth of the Rose River. There about 800 people living here. We have a strong culture here and many people go out hunting for bush food anytime.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To visit our community you need to get a permit from the Northern Land Council.
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