Francesca Puruntatameri

ANKAAA Stand in Director

Francesca PuruntatameriFor the period of 2009/10 Francesca Purutatameri was the Chair of Munupi Arts, a role which she had to step down from due to ill health, however she continues to work at the Art Centre.

Francesca attended secondary school at St Johns College in Darwin. After finishing year 11 she returned to her hometown of Pirlangimpi, taking various jobs, such as working in the bank and library, while also studying bookkeeping at the Darwin Community College.

Francesca worked for a short time at Munupi Arts in 1993, this followed by a period of 6 months in which she left the Art Centre, however; upon her return she made an impression with her decorated canvas paintings and gouaches on paper.

Francesca has also completed printmaking workshops and assists with fabric screenprinting.


Tiwi, English


Tiwi Islands


Governance & Further Qualifications

  • ANKAAA Stand in Director (since 2012)
  • Munupi Arts, Chairperson, (2009 – 2010)
  • Darwin Community College, Bookkeeping
  • Batchelor College, Certificate II in Arts and Crafts.