Freddie Timms

ANKAAA Stand in Director

Freddie TimmsFreddie Timms, a senior and internationally renowned Gija artist and president of Jirrawun Arts, has held positions on the ANKAAA board over many years.

Born in 1946 at Police Hole on Bedford Downs station, Timms grew up on Lissadel Station and worked as a stockman on stations in the East Kimberley for 14 years.  He eventually settled at Frog Hollow (near Warrmarn/Turkey Creek) in the East Kimberley, a small community set up by his brother-in-law Jack Britten, and lived there for 40 years.

With then gallery owner Tony Oliver, Timms founded Jirrawun Arts, a leading Art Centre in Wyndham in the East Kimberley region of WA in 1994 as an independent business initially representing a small group of six leading Gija artists.  Freddie worked with Rover Thomas and other first generation Warrmarn (Warmun) artists and danced in early performances of Rover Thomas’ Gurirr Gurirr ceremony.

Timms’ work has been shown internationally in Germany (Aratjara: Art of the First Australians, Koln, 1993), Tokyo, Chicago (Art Chicago, 1996), Paris (Baudoin Lenbon, FAIC, 1996), Auckland (Gow Langford Gallery, 1999-2000) and Miami (GrantPirrie at Art Miami USA – Rhapsodies in Country, 2002).

He was also one of only four Aboriginal artists represented in A Century of Collecting 1901 – 2001, held at the Ivan Dougherty Gallery, University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts, in 2001.


Gija, Mirrawong, Gadjurong, Jaru, Kimberley Kriol, English




Governance & Further Qualifications

  • ANKAAA Director (2004 – 2006), (then since 2010)
  • ORIC Governance Training for ANKAAA Directors (2013 – 2 Days)
  • Jirrawun Arts, Founder, (1994 – 2012)
  • Jirrawun Arts, President, (1994 – 2012)
  • Jirrawun Arts, Ambassador, nationally & internationally (1994 – 2012)