Arts Backbone August 2012

Founded in 2001 ANKAAA’s Arts Backbone magazine gives insight into what is happening in Aboriginal Art Centres across the Top End of the Northern Territory and Western Australia.
ANKAAA Arts Backbone, August 2012


In this issue:

  • 25thth Anniversary Edition
  • Working Together: ANKAAA 25 Years of Keeping Art, Country and Culture Strong 1987-2012, By Christina Davidson, ANKAAA CEO
  • ANKAAA Value Statement: What is True and Important to Us
  • Becoming an Artist, By Djambawa Marawili AM
  • Reflecting on ANKAAA’s Beginnings, By Djon Mundine OAM – Founding member of ANKAAA
  • The Aboriginal Memorial: Twenty-Five More?, By Bula’bula Arts
  • Making Tutini Both Ways, By Jonathan Jones, Art Gallery of NSW
  • Dance Totems Tell a Story, By Rachael Umbagai, Mowanjum Artists
  • Kurlama – The Cycle of Life, By Gordon Pupungamirri, Twii Design
  • Barlini Ngirraminni (Old Stories) and Justin Ouruntatameri, By Nina Puruntatameri, Munupi Arts and Crafts

And much much more!