ANKAAA’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

25 Years of Keeping Art, Country and Culture Strong 1987-2012

ANKAAA 25th Anniversary 2012

The ANKAAA 25th Anniversary celebration at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in 2012, was a platform for promoting the cultural diversity of the membership. Over 1,500 people enjoyed dancing by artists from ANKAAA’s four regions; Kimberley, Arnhem Land, Darwin/Katherine and Tiwi Islands.

ANKAAA’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations

ANKAAA celebrated its 25th anniversary, in conjunction with the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, with a presentation of traditional dancing from each of the four ANKAAA regions – Arnhem Land, Tiwi, Kimberley and Katherine/ Darwin. The event took place on the 10th August on the lawns of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.

Thank you to the dancers and to everyone who came along to celebrate the event.

The video above was made as part of the 29th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Straight Island Art Awards and the 25th anniversary year of the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists (ANKAAA).

The opening event brought together dancers from ANKAAA’s four regions to celebrate 25 years of ANKAAA keeping Art, Country and Culture strong.

Dancers include:

  • The Arnhem Dancers from Blue Mud Bay in ANKAAA’s Arnhem Region.
  • The Tiwi Dancers from Tiwi Islands in ANKAAA”s Tiwi Region.
  • The Warmun Dancers for ANKAAA’s Kimberley Region.
  • The Lajamanu Ladies, from ANKAAA’s Darwin/Katherine region.

Filmed and edited by David Mackenzie.