Arts Law 30th Birthday fund-raising dinner

Arts Law Centre of Australia Arts Law is holding a 30th birthday gala fund-raising dinner at Parliament House in Darwin on 3 September 2014. In the weeks leading up to the event Arts Law would like to hold an online fund-raising auction of artworks and then on the night of the dinner, also have a live auction. Their aim is to raise money primarily to contribute to the work they do with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists through the Artists in the Black service.

As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders artists have been doing it tough with art sales having been depressed over the last 12 months, Arts Law are NOT asking artists to donate works. What they propose is that the artists and Art Centres consider providing Arts Law with 1 or 2 works to sell through the online auction. A reserve price will be set and Arts Law will take 50% and the artist will get 50% of the sale price.

Arts Laws aim is not only to make money for Arts Law and the artists, but also to introduce the artists and Art Centres to a new audience – primarily the Sydney legal community.

If ANKAAA artists and Art Centres would be interested in participating in this event, choose a couple of artworks that Arts Law can consider for inclusion in the auction and contact Arts Law by email artslaw [at] or ph: (02) 9356 2566.

Once Arts Law have chosen the works, they will send an agreement for the artist or Art Centre to sign. Arts Law need images of the artworks for the online catalogue (low resolution), display onscreen at the dinner (high resolution), catalogue and promotional material. Arts Law will also need the minimum price the artist would need to receive for the artwork to set the reserve. Arts Law will put together a catalogue which includes an image of the work, title, the artist, and other information about the work (size and materials, and story that you consider should be provided) and a price indicator.

For more information about the Arts Law Birthday Gala Dinner Fundraiser, visit:

Aboriginal Art Auction for Arts Law’s 30th Birthday Celebrations