[Watch] How to weave – Durrmu Arts weaving workshop

Durrmu Arts Aboriginal Corporation is renowned for its fine, contemporary art production, including acrylic painting and fibre work. Senior artist Regina Pilawuk Wilson (winner, General Painting, Telstra National Indigenous Art Award 2003) leads a team of talented emerging and established artists including Dianne Hodgson, Miriam Byrnes, Mabel Jimarin, Kathleen Korda, Margaret Kundu, Patsy Marfura, Rosina Tirak, Annunciata Wilson, Anastasia Wilson, Anne-Carmel Wilson and Malcolm Wilson.

The women of Peppimenarti, about 320 km south west of Darwin, are traditionally weavers. As Regina Wilson states:

“the weaving method is the same as the stitch used in weaving the warragarri (dilly bag), except bigger. The pinbin vine (bush vine) grows near the river and is stripped into fibres that are then woven onto the net. The syaw is used to catch fish, prawn and other edible living creatures in the creeks and rivers.”