Traditional Knowledge Recording | Jilamara Arts & Craft, Tiwi Islands

Traditional Knowledge Recording, Jilamara Arts & Craft, Tiwi Islands

ANKAAA Resource and Development Offcier Guy Handcock (left) filming traditional song and dance at Jilamara Arts and Craft with AWEP 2014 Graduate Jimmy Mungatopi (far right).

ANKAAA Resource and Development Officer, Guy Hancock assisted Jilamara Arts and Craft staff, artists and Elders with the video recording of  traditional songs in Tiwi language.

Eleven songs were recorded, sung by Rachel Puruntatameri, Doriana Bush, Mary Elizabeth Moreen and Pedro Wonaeamirri. Later in the day, children from the primary school practiced the dances for each song under guidance from the Elders and Jilamara arts worker, Jimmy Mungatopi.
The video recordings will be edited at the ANKAAA office and returned to Jilamara as a dvd movie for the community to utilise and enjoy. Copies will be archived at the Muluwurri Museum and Milikapiti school for safe keeping.
This joint project was supported by Jilamara Arts and Craft, and the ANKAAA Digital Archiving and Keeping Place Support Program. An initiative made possible by the Australia Council for the Arts National Indigenous Arts Infra Structure Program.