Core Programs

ANKAAA’s Core Programs cover six areas:

Resourcing & Supporting

ANKAAA’s main day to day job is to provide responsive support and advice to its membership. ANKAAA’s Resource and Development Officers respond to phone, email and face to face enquiries from Art Centre managers, board members, artists, arts workers and industry partners every day. ANKAAA also provides support to Art Centres at crucial industry events such as the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and festivals scheduled throughout the dry season.

Often, the ANKAAA team provides HR support to Art Centres and in some cases has provided intensive HR support for Art Centres in periods of transition. ANKAAA aims to have regular contact with all of the Art Centres it services and to visit Art Centres and artist groups whenever possible for troubleshooting, consultation and training on the ground.

Core activities include:

  • Regular contact & site visits with Art Centres
  • Day to day email, phone and face to face responsive support & advice
  • HR and interim support
  • Bi-annual Art Centre Survey
  • Festival Support


Art Centres and artists are usually located in remote places and miss out on professional development opportunities. ANKAAA provides a range of training services that are accessible to its membership.

Core activities include:

  • Responsive Training and Support Program
  • ANKAAA Art Centre Board governance training
  • Stories Art Money (SAM) database training
  • Other training (based on regional priorities)
  • ANKAAA Board Governance training

Advocacy & Lobbying

As a peak body for Indigenous art, ANKAAA plays an important role in making sure that the voices of its artist members get heard and that Indigenous art is integrated into government policy. Some of the issues ANKAAA lobbies for with government are sustainable arts funding, Indigenous employment and cultural maintenance. The ANKAAA Directors and the CEO regularly participate in conferences, forums, committees, advisory groups, enquiries and consultations, and feed back results and critical issues to the membership.

Core activities include:

  • Building strategic alliances
  • Advocacy poster
  • Conferences, forums, committees
  • Relationships with stakeholders (government, industry, funders, ANKAAA members)

Referral & Networking

ANKAAA draws on a big list of resources, contacts and industry partners to help and support its membership and give day to day advice and support. ANKAAA has brokered relationships with law firms for pro-bono legal advice, and has a variety of training and business planning partners who are able to assist Art Centres when needed. Every two weeks ANKAAA disseminates its e-bulletin to members, which includes industry news, events, grants and professional development opportunities. ANKAAA, with other peak bodies, coordinates the GoHunting website, which has a wealth of resources, including document templates, factsheets and checklists.

Core activities include:


Consultation and listening to members is an important part of ANKAAA’s work so that Indigenous artist members can feed into Indigenous visual arts policy and practice. ANKAAA holds four regional meetings each year, one for each of ANKAAA’s four regions. ANKAAA also holds an Annual General Meeting and Conference, where professional development opportunities for artists are offered. ANKAAA also holds at least four board meetings with its own Board of Directors per year. Despite high travel cost and time, ANKAAA board members and ANKAAA’s broader membership insist on face to face meetings wherever possible to strengthen opportunities for joint decision making and to support ANKAAA’s Indigenous governance values, processes and procedures. Without these meetings ANKAAA would not be functional, as the cross-cultural context requires that time and effort be put into face to face relationships. ANKAAA also consults with its membership through regular formal and informal surveys to get feedback on its activities.

Core activities include:

  • 4 x annual Regional Meetings
  • 1 x annual General Meeting
  • 4 x annual Board Meetings
  • Membership forms kept up to date

Marketing & Promotion

ANKAAA provides several marketing services to Art Centres and artist groups to promote their work and raise the profile of Northern Australian Indigenous visual art. The ANKAAA Arts Backbone Magazine is published twice a year. The magazine showcases the achievements of the ANKAAA membership and is distributed among members and stakeholders nationally. ANKAAA also participates in and supports Art Centres at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair and produces several publications, including the Guide to Aboriginal Art, the Guide to Purchasing Australian Aboriginal Art (available in 4 languages) and regularly places advertisements into key arts magazines.

Core activities include:

Special Programs

In addition to its core program, ANKAAA runs a number of Special Programs. These are funded as distinct projects separately from core operational funding.

ANKAAA Core Funders

ANKAAA funders, Australia Council, Ministry for the Arts, Arts NT