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Maxine Charlie

Maxine Charlie

Stand-in Director Maxine Charlie is a Yawuru Custodian of Broome region – Yawuru Country. As a Yawuru member she has been a Director for the past year on the Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation, this is a prescribed Body Corporate (PBC), and a three year term. (more…) Maxine Charlie Site

Jennifer Dickens

Jennifer Dickens

ANKAAA Director Born in Fitzroy Crossing, growing up at Cherrabun Station, Jennifer Dickens works at Mangkaja Art Centre. Jennifer studied at Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship College in Perth and Batchelor College Darwin, where she gained a qualification as an Interpreter. (more…) Jennifer Dickens Site

Kira Kiro – Kalumburu Artists | Kimberley

Kalumburu Community is the northern most community in Western Australia. The region is rich in rock art, particularly of the Wandjina and Gwion or Kira Kiro figures. Arts practice is grounded in the rock art tradition with contemporary practice also including secular themes of sea-life and seasonal flora. While arts practice has always been a strong cultural activity for the Kalumburu community […]

Laarri Gallery | Kimberley

Laarri Gallery, Kimberley

Laarri Gallery is situated in Yiyili Aboriginal Community between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing just 5km off the Great Northern Highway between Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing. The gallery was established in 1999 in a collaboration between Yiyili Community School and Yiyili Community Aboriginal Corporation.  The goal of Laarri Gallery is to provide a place […]

Looma Arts | Kimberley

Looma Arts Looma Community Store P.O. Box 908, Derby 6728 WA t +61 8 9191 4728 f +61 8 9191 7168 e

Mangkaja Arts | Kimberley

Ngarralja Tommy May, Mangkaja Arts

Mangkaja Arts began as an arm of Karrayili Adult Education Centre, first established in 1981 for local people who wanted to learn the English language. The initiative, led by the local men, provided a place where people could study and paint their personal stories, bush trips and histories. The artists began to sell their work […]

Mowanjum Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre | Kimberley

Mowanjum Aboriginal Art

“Every race of people has a culture to follow. If you lose your culture you are floating… lost. The Mowanjum artists are strong and they know it is their job to pass on their knowledge to young people, to keep the spirit of the Wandjina alive.” Donny Woolagoodja In the culture of the Worrorra, Ngarinyin, […]

Nagula Jarndu Designs | Kimberley

Nagula Jarndu Designs (Saltwater Woman Designs) is owned by the Yawuru Jarndu Aboriginal Corporation. It has been operating as a Women’s Art Centre and Resource Agency in Broome in the West Kimberley, since 1987. Our small group of committed artists and textile designers produce contemporary works inspired by traditional designs and the environment around them. […]

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts | Kimberley

Waringarri Arts

Waringarri Aboriginal Arts specializes in contemporary collectable art of the East Kimberley. Established in the early 1980’s, in the heart of Miriwoong country, Waringarri artists share the importance of country and culture, while exploring a celebration of colour, composition and individualism. The art centre is wholly indigenous owned and operates as an artists’ studio and […]

Warlayirti Artists | Kimberley

Warlayirti Artists

Established in 1987, Warlayirti Artists Aboriginal Corporation is located in the small Indigenous community of Wirrimanu (Balgo) and serves approximately 300 Indigenous artists from the communities of Wirrimanu, Mulan and Kururrrungku (Billiluna). As a leader in best Indigenous practices, it has become a dynamic hub, with an Art Centre, new-Media Centre and a Cultural Centre. […]

Warmun Art Centre | Kimberley

Warmun Art Centre

Warmun artists stand at the forefront of contemporary art. Warmun Art Centre was established by leading artists of the Warmun (Turkey Creek) community, Northern Territory. Warmun was home to leading indigenous artists Rover Thomas, Queenie McKenzie, George Mung Mung and Paddy Jaminji and Jack Britten, who passed on to the current generation of artists many […]

Yarliyil Art Centre | Kimberley

Yarliyil Arts

Based in Halls Creek, on the Great Northern Highway, the Yarliyil Art Centre (pronounced “Yar-Leel”) provides a place for local cultural expression by enabling the ethical production and sale of Aboriginal Art. The Kimberley Language Resource Centre and the Shire of Halls Creek have both been instrumental in supporting the re-establishment of this Art Centre, […]

Yaruman Art & Culture Centre | Kimberley

Yaruman Art Centre

Yaruman Art Centre is located in the Kundat Djaru Community also known as Ringer Soak, 170km south east of Halls Creek and only 50km from the NT border. The local language is Djaru. The Art Centre’s focus is cultural maintenance and provides support for all cultural activities. Yaruman Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation is a not-for-profit […]

Yirrabii Arts & Crafts | Kimberley

Yirrabii Gallery was established in 2002 by Mandangala elder Evelyn Hall and is currently managed by the Gelganyem Trust in Kununurra. Yirrabii Arts and Crafts Gelganyem Trust PO Box 5 Kununurra WA 6743 t +61 8 9169 3504 f +61 8 9169 3210 e

Yulparija Artists From Bidyadanga | Kimberley

The extraordinary works of the Yulparija artists reflect their contemporary experiences, with desert iconography being portrayed in the rich blues, reds and greens of the coastal landscape that the artists have been living in for the past 35 years. They are truly contemporary art works, though they draw completely on traditional knowledge. Short St Gallery, […]

Freddie Timms

Freddie Timms

ANKAAA Stand in Director Freddie Timms, a senior and internationally renowned Gija artist and president of Jirrawun Arts, has held positions on the ANKAAA board over many years. (more…) Freddie Timms Site

Annette Kogolo

Annette Kogolo

A Senior Kimberley Walmajarri woman and traditional owner, Annette Puruta Wayawu Kogolo is a NAATI accredited interpreter and Kimberley Interpreting Services (KIS) Co-Chairperson. (more…) Annette Kogolo Site

Dora Griffiths

Dora Griffiths

ANKAAA Board Member and Acting Treasurer Dora was born in Kununurra, living there her entire life, except for some schooling in Broome in Years 8 & 9, returning to Kununurra for Year 10. (more…) Dora Griffiths Site

Gabriel Nodea

Gabriel Nodea

ANKAAA Board Member, Deputy Chair Gabriel Nodea was born in 1969 at the Derby Leprosarium hospital. He says his early life was complicated because he moved around to different places throughout the Kimberley. Gabriel says his family moved from Texas Downs station to Wyndham, then to Halls Creek, Nookanbah and finally to Warmun. (more…) Gabriel […]