Advocacy and Lobbying

ANKAAA talks-up for its members

As an Indigenous art body, ANKAAA plays an important role in making sure that the voices of its members are heard and that Indigenous art is integrated into government policy. Some of the issues ANKAAA lobbies for are sustainable arts funding, Indigenous employment and cultural maintenance. The ANKAAA Directors and the CEO regularly participate in conferences, forums, committees, advisory groups, enquiries and consultations, and feed results and critical issues back to the membership.

ANKAAA Advocacy and LobbyingTommy May

Above: ANKAAA Director, Freddie Timms at the Garma Festival of Traditional Culture, speaking about the central importance of homelands to the development and maintenance of the contemporary Indigenous arts industry.

ANKAAA Board MeetingLeft: ANKAAA Directors taking key messages from the membership to the Australia Council, Ministry for the Arts and Arts NT during a board meeting in 2014. ANKAAA has a rigorous consultation process which includes four regional general meetings, regular board meetings and an AGM.

Right:  Mr Tommy May, past Chairperson of ANKAAA with Djambawa Marawili AM, the current Chair, speaking at the ANKAAA 25th Anniversary celebrations in 2012 about the importance of Indigenous leadership and employment in the Indigenous arts industry.

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