ANKAAA listens to its members.

Consultation and listening to members is an important part of ANKAAA’s work, and allows Indigenous artists to contribute to Indigenous visual arts policy and practice. ANKAAA holds four regional meetings each year, one for each of ANKAAA’s four regions. ANKAAA also holds an Annual General Meeting and Conference, where professional development opportunities for artists are offered. ANKAAA also holds at least four board meetings with its own Board of Directors per year.

Despite high travel cost and time, ANKAAA members and ANKAAA’s broader membership insist on face to face meetings wherever possible to strengthen opportunities for joint decision making and to support ANKAAA’s Indigenous governance values, processes and procedures. Without these meetings ANKAAA would not be functional; the cross-cultural context requires that time and effort be put into face to face relationships. ANKAAA also consults with its membership through regular formal and informal surveys to get feedback on its activities.

ANKAAA AGM Mt Bundy Station 2013

ANKAAA AGM and Annual Conference, Mt Bundy Station, 2013.


Kimberley Regional General Meeting of artists, arts workers and Art Centres at Waringarri Arts, Kununurra, 2012. This is one of four annual regional general meetings that precede the ANKAAA AGM and help inform the direction and activities of the organisation.

ANKAAA Consultation, Tiwi Meeting 2013

ANKAAA Director, Jedda Puruntatameri speaking on behalf of members at the Tiwi Regional General Meeting, Jilamara Arts and Craft, Milikapiti, 2013. Regional general meetings are a way of finding out the important issues and priorities of artists, Art Centres and the community, and for making decisions on what to do.

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